There is more to the Virgin Islands than St. Thomas. Sure it is the mega-cruise port of call in the region but St. Croix is the soul of the Islands. St. Croix has one of the most fertile coastal plain which bring forth a variety of plants and flowers. The island is in perpetual full bloom, add the mountains and hills and the rainforest and you have a veritable Garden of Eden.

St. Croix is less touristy (except for the occasional cruise ship that glide past) less congested and more cultural than the other two Virgin. The vibe is different, more relaxed and contains the richer aspects of the Virgin Island’s rich cultural history. The beaches are spectacular. You still get that white sand and that clear azure water that holds many wonders and a rich marine life that makes snorkelling popular. If you are ready to experience the heart and soul of the Virgin Island, there are some quintessential St. Croix experiences you cannot afford to miss.

#1. Crucian Rum Distillery: Do the Rum Tour

Crucian Rum is a big deal in the Island. You don’t have to be a Rum aficionado to appreciate the smooth flavourful rum that St. Croix is known throughout the world for. There is so much history and heritage wrapped around the rum industry. You can experience the rum making process and sample the best rum you will ever taste.


#2. Point Udall: Catch the best sunrise

Start your morning with a predawn drive to Point Udall to catch the best sunrise in the most eastern part of the US territories. Point Udall’s Sundial was erected as a monument to the Millennium. It is also the best place to start hiking the scenic trail down Jack and Isaac Bays.


#3. Buck Island Reef: Enjoy the marine life

Spot Whales, swim with barracudas, sea turtles and more marine life you will ever be able to spot in one area. There is no better place to go snorkelling than in Buck Island Reef. Sail out with Big Beard’s Adventure Tours. Search for sea turtles, barracudas, lemon sharks, rays, and explore the amazing coral reef.


#4. Downtown Christiansted and Frederiksted: Taste of your way through the Island

There is no better way of sampling the culinary delights than by going on a food tour through the culturally rich Downtown Christiansted. You can sample the best authentic Island food and drinks in some unexpected and interested spots.

In Christiansted you can visit many favorite spots such as Zion Modern Kitchen; serving Caribbean delicacies or Savant and Balter, serving American and Caribbean cuisine. Head over to Frederiksted where it’s a must to sample Villa Morales with their desirable Caribbean dishes as well as island famous La Reine Chicken Shack with their mouth watering barbecues and Beachside Side Cafe, offering American, Caribbean and even Vegetarian eats.

Both Christiansted and Frederiksted combines food and a cultural reflection of the Island in a unique way while giving you a chance to interact with local residents and visitors alike.

#5. Visit St George Village Botanical Garden

St George Village Botanical Garden is more than just a park. It has a wonderful mix of nature, history and culture with themed areas set amongst historic structures of a colonial sugarcane plantation. A tour of the St. George Botanical Garden includes the St. George Village Museum cottage which is the site of the original slave village. You can also learn about the 2,000 year history of the Estate.

For good measure, enjoy the beaches on St. Croix. That’s pretty much the point of being on an Island holiday, the beach, and fun in the water. Try Mermaid Beach on the grounds of the world famous Buccaneer Resort, which once hosted Michael Jackson and even featured on a season of “The Bachelor” that featured Rob Lowe. This 70-year-old, bubblegum-pink resort in Christiansted also offers many fun activities like beach volleyball, paddle boarding, kayaks, and plenty of lounge chairs under the cool shades of palm trees.


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