In downtown Charlotte Amalie in St.Thomas there is an inn with the most breathtaking view of the virgin island. The 99 steps lead there. Like any other steps this stairs were built to make it easier to climb the hills making them ‘step-streets’. The 99 steps are located on Kongens Gade east of the Hotel 1829. Original bricks were bought from Denmark as ballasts used in trade ships. As you go up be careful some steps are in bad condition avoid stubbing your feet. You will see is McDougal estate a private property on the side of the 99 steps and few other property. The original 99 bricks have an addition of new concrete steps to make them 106 though the name still reads 99 Steps. The stairway is lined by colorful flowers, plants and palm trees on both sides. Visitors can view lizards basking in sun.Once on top the view is breathtaking and definitely worth the climb. Blackbeard’s Castle is located here as another national historic site and the final destination. Enjoy your view.


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