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About Us

V.I. Connections is a digital marketing agency which combines creativity and innovation to connect people from various places and lifestyles in the Virgin Islands, for the advantage of them all. In this era of the internet, every business has gone online to take advantage of the massive opportunities on the internet. We, therefore, appreciate the fact that digital marketing is now the grease lubricating the success of any business.

V.I. Connections have come up with the most efficient online tool that you can find in the market for attracting the ever-growing number of internet users. Our clients are individuals, businesses, consumers and organizations who want to remain updated with everything happening in their community. Our resource acts like a meeting place where everyone can see whatever is available, be it jobs, events and many more.

Some of the primary features are:

  • Virgin Islands History & Culture — People, Islands, Culture, & Lifestyle
  • Social Network — As a member, you can create social networking groups and upload content, such as articles, videos, pictures, and podcasts.
  • Directory Listing — take advantage of the many members who double up as potential customers to introduce your business.
  • Marketplace — as a member to our platform, you can advertise your products/services here.
  • Events — Anyone can post or search for an upcoming event can find it here
  • Job Listings — Post or search for job opportunities, this the place to look.
  • Freelance Services — Post your services and connect with other members who offer services.
  • Real Estate Listing — List or search for real estate properties simply and seamlessly.


We take it as our duty to ensure that everyone who is part of the Virgin Islands, enjoys an exciting online presence. We facilitate such an experience through creating a social platform where people from all cultures, places and lifestyles in the Virgin Islands can interact freely. By staying up to date with any new trends, and focusing on the interests of all our stakeholders, we enable client satisfaction. Since we are also part of the Virgin Islands community, we feel privileged to offer our services to our fellow community members. We make sure that our diversified clientele that includes individuals and business gets top-notch services. We do this by engaging qualified personnel, being proactive and remaining committed to our pledge of excellence.



For members- We want our members to make and strengthen relationships that will benefit them both socially and financially. We also aim to have our clients enjoy their networking and become active participants.

For VI connections- we aim for our brand to be reputable and that people will acknowledge it as being very responsive to our members’ needs. Now that everyone is on the internet, we will make use of the social platforms to increase awareness and expand our online presence.

Our Values

  • Versatility – There is something for everyone at VI connections. Whether you are planning on moving and need real estate listing, unemployed and perusing for job adverts, bored and seeking any entertainment around you, we have your back. We put our members’ interests first and always looking for ways to enhance their experience with us.
  • Excellence – We have a team passionate about delivering high-quality services. Our customer service personnel is friendly and always ensures you get a positive experience.
  • Integrity – We uphold ethical standards in our business. With us, honesty is indeed the best policy, and as for transparency, we are as clear as crystal. You can be sure that at VI connections, we will earn your respect with our courtesy and dedication to serving you to the best of our capability.
  • Accountability – We take our actions and decisions seriously. We, therefore, are ever quick to admit our responsibility, even in the face of adversity, and act accordingly. We hold our stakeholders, including staff and users of our network, in high esteem. We also take responsibility of Virgin Islands and afford our business the respect it deserves.
  • Participation – Our network is here to create connections for all our users. We, therefore, invite anyone who may need our services to join us any time. Apart from being a member, we encourage all to be active not only to have social benefits but also to make sure that the network remains vibrant even in the future. Such active engagement is to the advantage of all stakeholders who enjoy high value.

V.I. Connections prides itself in our commitment to providing excellent services to our fellow community members. Get started today and join our fantastic network. With V.I. Connections, you have found yourself a networking partner. Get Connected – Join Our Community


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