Bluebeard’s Castle was built in the 1600s by the Danes as a fortress to help reinforce Fort Christian. The Danes then abandoned the castle in 1735 before selling it as private property in the 1800s. From then on, it continued to change hands many times until the US government purchased it in 1933. To help boost tourism in St. Thomas, the castle was transformed into a resort.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt paid a visit to the castle in 1934. The US sold the castle to a private owner in 1955 and thereafter, it was sold and purchased several times before it finally become a timeshare resort.

The Castle is available for tours every day at 10 am except on Thursdays when the tour is at 5:30 pm. Tourists will see antique photos of St. Thomas and numerous artifacts that have been retrieved from the sea. At the end of the tour visitors will enjoy picturesque panoramic views of downtown Charlotte Amalie and the waterfront.


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