If you’re looking for a tropical island paradise with amazing views, then the island of St. John is for you. Specifically, Bordeaux Mountain is one of the tallest peaks on any of the U.S. Virgin Islands. At around 1,277 feet in elevation, Bordeaux offers a stunning panoramic vista of the island and the deep blue waters of Coral Bay and the surrounding Caribbean Sea.

To get to the summit of Bordeaux Mountain, take the Bordeaux Mountain Trail, a hiking trail. The hike won’t be difficult for someone in relatively good shape (a little over one mile each way), although you should keep in mind that the path can get slippery if it starts to rain. It can also be steep and rocky in some places. However, if you make it to the top, you won’t regret having experienced firsthand those breathtaking views.

If you so desire, you can rent one of the villas on top of Bordeaux Mountain. They include all of the amenities for a great vacation, such as spacious bedrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools. If you’re on the lookout for an out-of-the-way tropical mountain getaway, Bordeaux Mountain is ideal.


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