The island of St. Thomas is home to over 40 beaches, and one of the favorites for relaxation and enjoying some fun in the sun is Brewer’s Bay Beach. About a 15-minute drive from Charlotte Amalie, Brewer’s Bay is one of a handful of beaches on St. Thomas that is completely free from development, making its pristine white sands and crystal blue waters even more attractive. A row of trees line the area in front of the beach, so if you need a break from the sun you can relax in the shade.

During weekdays this beach is usually pretty calm, and its quietness can provide an ideal place to get away from the crowds. However, on the weekends Brewer’s Bay is going to be bustling with activity – it’s a favorite beach of some of St. Thomas’s residents for family outings, including barbecues and picnics. Expect to see students here as well, since it’s directly next to the University of the Virgin Islands. If you need a snack, head to the road in front of the beach where food trucks line up to sell burgers and hot dogs in addition to local treats like johnny cakes and saltfish. Brewer’s Bay is a great place for snorkeling and its proximity to the airport enables visitors to enjoy watching the occasional plane landing.


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