Located two miles south east of the Island of St. Thomas, Buck Island was established as a wildlife refuge in 1969. Part of the island was transferred by the US Navy to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service in 1969. The remainder was transferred in 1981. The key purpose of the island was to serve as a safe haven for migratory birds. The birds use the area as a winter home and may also use it as a rest area while migrating to other destinations. The wildlife refuge consists of scrub vegetation and a rocky coastline. Situated on the island is a light house that stands on over 45 acres of cactus and grassland.

What are the leading tourist activities in Buck Island? The Island is a popular haven for birdwatchers. Some of the popular birds’ species include tropic birds, laughing sea gulls and frigate birds among others. The wildlife refuge is surrounded by a rocky coastline making it ideal for sea sports. Divers, snorkelers and boaters can enjoy the surrounding waters that contain reefs and a shipwreck. Situated on the Northwest side is a turtle cove which is densely populated with sea turtles. Next time you wish to go for an excursion, Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge would be a great choice!


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