There are plenty of amazing beaches on the Caribbean and the Cane Garden Bay is definitely one of the best.

Located on Tortola Island, Cane Garden Bay is a favorite vacationing spot for many tourists in the British Virgin Islands. The Cruise ship gets to the bay around noon, making the beach even more alive with bustling activities. You can decide to go swimming in the clear blue waters or even rent a boat or kayak for the afternoon.

To many tourists, it seems as though Cane garden bay never sleeps. As sunset approaches the beach, it brings the BVI to its feet. There are a couple of bars on the bay including Myett’s and Elm. The live music available in the bars is sure to bring you to your feet as you dance the night away.

The views from the beach are stunning as is that of the surrounding mountains. Cane Garden Bay is quite laid back and provides the best spot for a vacation.


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