Columbus Landing Beach on St. Croix is a pleasant beach in its own right, but is more famous as a historical landmark. It’s here where Christopher Columbus and his crew landed on their second voyage to the “New World” in 1493 and made contact with some of the native Amerindians here. Unfortunately, the contact devolved into combat, mostly because two of the native tribes were at were with each other at the time. The site is also significant for being the only place in what is now United States territory which Columbus explored.

It’s not a very highly-trafficked beach, and if you visit you will probably be the only ones there. Up the hill is a visitor’s center. If you do plan to stay there for a few hours, the water is great for swimming. But make sure to bring some umbrellas and sun screen, as the beach isn’t very developed and there is not much shelter besides a few thatch awnings.


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