The Faulkner House Museum was established on the home of William Faulkner, an activist who played an important role in BVI’s political history.

Faulkner, known to many as the ‘Father of this little nation’, helped establish a constitution in the British Virgin Islands. His home was declared a national monument in 2000 and now serves as a rich source of the islands’ history.

Located in Anegada, the museum is open to the public with free access although there are limited hours of operation. The house has been maintained in its old architectural style making it quite an interesting site.In the inside, you will find personal items of William Faulkner which may give you a little glimpse into his life.

While touring the house museum, you will be able to get interesting bits of information from the guide. Not only do you learn about William Faulkner, but also about the small town of Anegada in general.

Pics acknowledgement to BVI Tourist Board



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