The Lutheran Church can easily be noted by its large welcoming staircases and its conspicuous yellow-gold color. It stands as a major religious and historical figure on the island. It was established in 1666 by the then Danish Minister Kjeld Jensen upon his arrival on St. Thomas. Kjeld Jensen had initially arrived on the island to expand the Danish colonial administrations no the island. The first congregations and services were held in homes of soldiers and planters in the isle.

In 1793, the original sanctuary was officially opened, which was meant to replace the church’s two first buildings that had been initially destroyed by fire. Since then the church has been refurbished twice, in 1826 and 1870. With this long historical timeline, Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church stands to date as the oldest religious building on the island and second oldest in the Western Hemisphere. The interior of the church is composed of a massive mahogany altar, which matches its pews portraying great architecture from the early years. The interior walls of the church are cemented with tombstones and memorials, which not only leaves the church as a spiritual platform but also as a place that holds memories and history of the Lutheran Church in St. Thomas.


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