Lying in the US Virgin Islands just 8000 feet North of St. Thomas on a 510-acre land, is a paradise made of two Islands, the Great and Little Hans Lollik Islands. Some things make Hans Lollik the best place on earth to visit.

One of them is the breathtakingly beautiful unspoiled white sand beach on one of the Islands and a crescent coconut beach on the other. One can either bask in the sun on the sand or take a cool swim in the crystal clear waters at the same time exploring the seabed. Still one can explore the cliffs found here or take shade under the many palm trees.

Another is that the Islands have no reptiles or amphibians that pose much danger to humans but one can expect to enjoy seeing the dolphins, humpback whales, and sea turtles. The Island has many bird species to watch like the seabirds, brown pelicans, and sparrow hawks among others.

The Island has many other features, animals, many exciting places to explore and lots of fun activities for individuals and families. There are also luxurious residences on the Island that offer accommodation to tourists. This is one place on earth worth a visit in one’s lifetime.


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