Hull Bay Beach is another “out of the way” beach on St. Thomas, popular with locals. It can be difficult to get to if you’re a tourist since it lies on the northern shore of the island, and taxis tend not to go here as frequently, but if you’re looking for a less “touristy” beach than Hull Bay is for you.

Local boats dot the shore here, as it’s a popular place for residents to go fishing (if you want to try fishing, you can get a fishing charter). Snorkeling is also commonplace for locals at Hull Bay, and you’ll see families picnicking here on weekdays and weekends. If you need some shade, a row of seagrape trees have you covered.

The Hull Bay Hideaway across from the beach is a restaurant popular with both residents and tourists, known for its tasty fish tacos. They also offer a $10 bucket of beer which you can take onto the beach with you! If you do visit Hull Bay Beach, make sure to bring sandals or water shoes because the sand is a bit rocky compared to other St. Thomas beaches. If you want to relax with some nice fish tacos and a bucket of beer at a more “off the beaten path beach”, Hull Bay is a great choice.


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