In our modern, advanced society, we are continuing to see a rise in the incidents of cancer, obesity, heart disease, and many other diseases. Although there are more people than ever before who are taking prescription and non-prescription drugs illnesses are increasing. It is obvious that medications are not solving all of our health problems, but there are natural solutions available that offer greater rates of success.

Our bodies are amazing and highly evolved temples that house our soul and connect us with the universe. The human body was designed by our creator to be a perfect and harmonious machine. We often forget about the natural ability we all have for a healthy and disease free life. Our bodies create new blood for us every 90 days, new cells every 11months and new bone and tissues every 2 years. As these natural processes take place, the body is also actively ridding itself of any disease and illness.

So why do any of us get sick in the first place? And why do some people who are exposed to the same viruses or bacteria get ill and others show no effects at all? The answer is simple, if we have a strong, healthy immune system then diseases and illnesses are not able to harm us. Each of us is able to develop a powerful immune system if we modify our lifestyle and diet in positive ways that work to benefit our body.

It is very apparent that a person’s lifestyle has a lot to do with their health and immunity and we see evidence of this throughout today’s society. Many of us are not getting the proper amounts of rest, exercise, or nutrition. There are few that are not aware of how important these are if we are sincere about our desire to maintain good health. We are often reminded of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle when stories are publicized about many people who are enjoying good health even at ages of 100 or more. Factors for good health involve genetics, proper food, proper exercise, and rest, but the most important factor is how we deal with stress. The most debilitating effects on our body are created by the different stresses that it is subjected to on an everyday basis. If we are able to remove stress from our life then our body is able to regenerate and renew itself without problem.

Many of us are living a more stressful lifestyle now and the types of stress include… 

– Mental Stress: This is when we have thoughts about imagined or real dangers, worries about things that we cannot change, or longings for things we do not have. The images and ideas in our minds are very powerful. If our minds are continually creating unhealthy and worrisome thoughts and pictures then illnesses will result. 

– Physical Stress: This is caused by the lack of proper nutrition, exercise, and rest, which occurs far too frequently. The water, lands, and air are polluted and our bodies are subjected to the chemicals and other toxins that are now in our environment. Even the food and water that we use for nourishment are not as pure and strengthening as in years past because of the pollutants.

– Emotional Stress: Instead of showing more love, kindness, and gratitude, many people are filling their minds and spirits with feelings of hatred, fear, anger, jealousy, guilt, and revenge. 

– Spiritual Stress:  This occurs when people concentrate on negative beliefs and have a lack of faith. They dwell on everything that is wrong instead of learning how to be positive and optimistic.

All of these important stressors cause our bodies to become unbalanced and weak. Even the ph level that is found within our body becomes highly acidic. As the level of acidity increases, this creates the environment for diseases and cellular chaos. It is at these times that people begin to develop diseases such as blood pressure problems, heart disease, and cancers.

When our body chemistry is overwhelmed with acids, it creates more oxidation in an effort to become balanced. Too much oxidation then causes our bodies to react with inflammation and as this inflammation becomes a chronic condition it sets the stage for diseases like arthritis, chronic fatigue, cancers and other immune related problems.

Doctors have labeled this type of process as oxidative stress and many physicians and scientists now agree that the main cause of all human diseases results from oxidative stress. If we can slow down or eliminate this type of problem for our bodies then we can restore our birthright of naturally vibrant health. The big question is how can we effectively counter this oxidative stress and keep it from destroying us.

Anti-oxidants are the agents that can turn the tide of oxidative stress in our favor. With these powerhouses, we can successfully fight the stress that occurs daily in our bodies. The more anti-oxidants we can ingest and consume the more we will improve both our health and our body’s immune system .But where do we find these anti-oxidants that are necessary for perfect, natural health? The answer is so very logical and simple because these precious substances have been available to us since the beginning of time. Our bodies were designed to consume fresh, raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables, which have always been found in abundant supplies throughout the world. Natural whole grains, unprocessed foods, and fresh produce are the fuels our bodies require in order to be healthy. Many of these fresh and delicious foods contain extremely high levels of powerful, stress fighting anti-oxidants. 

However, there are often misconceptions that surround the use of anti-oxidants. Just consuming products that contain these substances will not solve the problem and instantly create good health. The “Law of Vacuum” states that two competing substances cannot co- exist peacefully in one space at the same time because one will try to dominate the other. In order to make sure that the anti-oxidants are given the opportunity to work effectively you must clear the space for them ahead of time. To do this with your body you will need to undergo a whole body cleansing that involves the colon, liver, lungs, and gallbladder. This will allow you to eliminate all of the old, poisonous toxins out of your system. Then you are able to fill these areas with naturally healthy anti-oxidants. This enables your body to receive the total positive benefits from these stress fighters. The proper conclusion is that you can positively impact your body when you totally transform your life-style and replace negative factors with healthy activities and nutrients. When you commit to a new way of dealing with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stress and combine it with healthy eating, you will have a drastic and remarkable improvement in your own health.


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