Jon Lucien

Self-Styled Non-Conformist: Jon Lucien

Jon Lucien is one of the world’s most critically acclaimed Jazz fusion singers. Although he never really made it big commercially, Lucien came to be highly respected by music critics and peers through a career that spanned more than four decades. His career was highlighted by a constant struggle with producers and record labels trying to compel him to adopt different styles in order to “fit in” to the popular music industry. But Lucien, a self styled non-conformist, remained steadfast with his authentic style throughout his career, even at the cost of commercial success.

Although belatedly, Lucien came to woo a big audience in the United Kingdom with his soulful, baritone voice and his easy listening love longs in the 1990’s.

Born in the Tortola Island, one of the British Virgin Islands on January 8 1948, Lucien started doing music early in his life. His own father was a musician, and his career started with playing in his father’s band.

Lucien’s style of music has drawn wide comparisons with the great Nat King Cole, who Lucien himself has credited for having a huge influence in his career.

Jon Lucien’s life and career is a classical story of a man sticking to who he is and what he believes in, even when he knows it’s going to cost him a lot. At one interview, he comments about his troubles with big record labels, saying: “My troubles began with labels forcing’ me to be a hit maker, to do Disco, Country, Pop, or anything that was going to make millions of sales.”

Jon Lucien moved back to the Virgin Islands after a few decades in the United States. He was a highly respected artist and vocalist, but not a very rich man. He started out with a comeback Album, “Listen Love” which was well received in easy listening “quiet Storm” kind of radio stations.

Jon Lucien died of respiratory failure on the 7th of August 2007.


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