Water Island is a relatively small island to the south of St. Thomas. At around 495 acres it’s the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, but like all of those islands it includes some beaches right out of any avid beach goers’ dreams. The more popular beach on the island is Honeymoon Beach, but in this article we’ll talk about Limestone Beach.

Limestone Beach is a long beach with shallow waters that is usually pretty empty. However, this isn’t because it’s not a nice place to hang out. If you want to explore a beautiful coastline, visiting Limestone is a great option. Snorkeling is also a possibility here, as there’s a reef beyond the white sands. Be careful, though, because the depth of the water increases sharply beyond the reef. Watch out for dive pools, which tend to form around some of the large rocks and corals in the water. If you do want to walk around them (which can be a fun and unique experience), it’s a good idea to wear dive shoes. Hiking is popular on Water Island, so if you want, you can hike from Limestone Beach to Honeymoon Beach and vice versa, or just explore the whole island.


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