The Old Government House Museum serves as an insight into the political history of Queensland.

Built in the years between 1860 and 1862, the old Government House has been home to many governors and venue for various important government functions. There have also been many significant royals visiting the place such as the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth.

As a result of the tropical climate of the British Virgin Island, the House started deteriorating rapidly. It was, however, renovated and reopened as a Museum in 1996. It is now the home to many historical artifacts depicting the rich political history of the BVI.

A visit to the museum gives you access to a podcast tour. In the tour, voice dramatizations give you a snippet of the lives of the 11 governors who lived in the house with their families. The various mementos left behind by certain governors especially give a personal feel to the life of the house’s previous occupants.

For more information, visit the Old Government House Museum’s website.


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