The British Virgin Islands has many diving spots but the RMS Rhone is by far, the most popular. The RMS Rhone was a Royal Mail Ship. On 27th October 1867, as a result of a hurricane, the ship was wrecked claiming the lives of 123 people. The RMS Rhone split into two before sinking into the deep waters of the BVI.

For over a century, the RMS Rhone, located off the Salt Island, remained forgotten in the sea. As from 1975, the wreckage became a popular destination for divers in the BVI. Most of the original artifacts are still intact and with every dive to the Rhone, you are bound to come across something spectacular.

Other than being a diving site, the Rhone also serves as a Marine National Park. It is the first and only of its kind in the British Virgin Islands. A visit to the islands is not complete without taking a dive to the wreckage.

There are a couple of tours organized to the wreckage. You could opt for morning, afternoon, or even night dives. Whatever time you choose, be sure to take at least two dives. With just one dive, you will not experience the beauty of the wreckage in entirety.


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