Snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands is a favorite for many, and the Smuggler’s Cove might just be the best spot for that. Located in Tortola, the Cove not only displays exquisite beauty but it also has a rich history behind it.

The beach can be accessed by a rather bumpy dirt road or you can decide to spice up your trip and take a hike. Smuggler’s Cove is lined with the BVI palm trees making the beach quite peaceful. The turquoise waters are calm most of the time allowing you to go swimming and snorkeling without a worry. Although you cannot go scuba diving in the bay, you can bring along some masks and explore the beautiful underwater life as you swim.

Although there are no bars and restaurants yet, there are several villas and a resort within walking distance from the white sand beach.

The scenery, as it is all over the BVI, is quite breathtaking. So bring along your camera for some amazing photos.



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