Sprat Bay is on Water Island, a little island across from the Charlotte Amalie Harbor on St. Thomas. From St. Thomas, you can get to Water Island with a 10-minute ferry ride. Sprat Bay lies on the southern coast of the island, and offers a pristine white sand beach.

Sprat Bay is best known for the gated community, Sprat Bay Estates, a great waterfront hotel which includes a tennis court and owns the beach property. If you’re staying there, then you can simply walk down the hill to the beach – if not, you will have to access the beach by boat, but luckily it is open to the public. There aren’t any snack bars on the beach itself, so bring snacks and drinks with you, but this contributes to the overall secluded, undeveloped feeling of Sprat Bay which can certainly be a good thing. There is, however, a beach pavilion completed in 2010 which offers some shade and a relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy the wildlife and interesting plant life of Spray Bay!


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