The St. George Village Botanical Garden in Frederiksted is built over a large, 16-acre area, covering the ruins of an old 18th-century Danish sugar plantation. The grounds also overlap partially with the site of an ancient Amerindian village dating back over 2,000 years.

Here you’ll encounter a large variety of plants, around 1500 different species both native and imported to St. Croix. The self-stated mission of the Botanical Gardens is to preserve the native plant life of St. Croix, as well as some endangered species which are endemic to other Caribbean islands. There’s also an arboretum which houses around 50 different species of trees.

The relaxing atmosphere of the gardens and beautiful sites will give you a truly unique experience as you enjoy the exotic flowers and trees. Throughout are also little bits of history, informing you of how certain types of plants were important to the island’s development. There’s a guided tour as well as a self-guided tour, and you may even see some fruit bats! The Great Hall houses a cafeteria and restrooms for guests for when you need a break from all that walking.


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