Though it`s only 32 square miles, St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Island has a million miles of worthy and exciting things to do. This modern paradise that is filled with colonial jewels, is not only a haven for historians, but also for the adventure-seeking individuals.

St. Thomas is among the best island to visit in the Caribbean. This island boasts of wonderful harbors, beaches, and a delightful climate. Similarly, the island allows vacationers to engage in a plethora of exciting activities such as swimming, sailing, sightseeing, shopping, and diving. In a nutshell, this island is a gem for vacationers who are in love with history, shopping, the sea, and photography. The imposing Fort Christian, and S. Thomas Synagogue, that date back to the 17th and 18th-century act reminiscent of the ancient history and slavery and is a good place for the historians to study what they love most.

St. Thomas rich-shopping culture has a deep history that dates to the 1600s when the island was notorious for pirate refuge. By the 1800`s Charlotte Amalie, the entry-port to the island and now the Capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, was one of the most popular and busiest trading centers in the Caribbean. Today, the liveliest of the three Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is a major shopping destination, thanks not only to the sheer abundance of merchandise but also the duty-free allowance on the products.

When it comes to accommodation and culinary, the island is filled with dozens of luxury resorts, hotels, and restaurants that reek of magnificence, opulence, and splendor. What`s more? The island has an exciting variety and cultural integration, which offer a unique and diverse experience.

Nature lovers will love what the Island has to offer, including the incredible view of the island from the top of St. Peter Mountain and the panoramic view of 100 islands while at Drake`s Seat. Similarly, the imposing steep hillsides and bright red rooftops on Charlotte Amalie provide a riveting view and make the island a favorite of travel photographers.


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