Stumpy Bay Beach, all the way in the northwest of St. Thomas, is one of the island’s less well-known or trafficked beaches, perfect for if you want to get away from the crowds. Stumpy Bay is truly off the beaten bath – you’ll have to follow a dirt road to get there. For the person who just can’t stand crowds, though, it’s ideal.

Some people like to rent a four-wheel drive jeep and explore the area around Stumpy Bay, the so-called West End. You can follow the dirt road directly onto the beach to experience your own private paradise. This beach can be rocky so is best for if you want to drive a jeep around.

If fishing’s your thing, the quiet waters beyond the beach offer a great, secluded fishing experience. Stumpy Bay is so hard to find that you may need to ask for directions to get there – you’ll know you’re in the right area when you see a lot of farms around, and eventually you’ll see a wall with a small path between. This is the road to Stumpy Bay. If you start heading towards Bordeaux, you’ve gone too far. Make sure to ask the locals, though – on St. Thomas they’re always friendly and helpful.


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