Tahesia Harrigan-Scott, the gifted daughter of the soil of the Caribbean

She shots out of the blocks with the speed of lightning, and skyrockets the national pride of the Virgin Islands people with brilliant results at the most prestigious world competitions. Tahesia Harrigan-Scott, the gifted daughter of the soil of the Caribbean nation, is a top performing athlete on track and field, specialized on dash races. She tore apart all national records in her career, and represented with dignity her country on the international arena. Tahesia was the flag bearer of the Virgin Islands at Commonwealth Games, Central American and Caribbean Games, and other global competitions, obtaining remarkable results, among which is a bronze medal at the World Indoor Championships.

Tahesia remembers herself as a person that was far away from athletics in her young age. She grew up in Tortola, above Joe’s Hill, and attended there the primary school. After that, she went to study in the USA. She finished successfully the college at the University of Minnesota, and then moved to Alabama for a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, got in 2005. Tahesia’s boyish qualities pushed her among the leaders of the group. Later, her tough character, unshakable self-confidence, and bursting body energy contributed to the discovery of her hidden talent, speed running. She started practicing short distances, forcing her limits every day for reaching new heights.

Tremendous effort turned, later, into lightning-fast reaction, extremely speedy legs, and a powerful and wide launch of the body, triggered by a massive muscle build-up. After becoming the leading athlete of the Virgin Islands, Tahesia Harrigan-Scott started participating in international competitions. She was part of the national team at four Commonwealth Games events, where she constantly reached semi-finals. She is the multiple winner of Central American and Caribbean Games gold medal in the 100 meter race. Her most remarkable result, though, was the bronze medal, conquered in 2008, at the World Indoor Athletics Championships, held in Valencia.

Thanks to her brilliant career, Tahesia Harrican-Scott became the icon of the Virgin Islands sports, and an idol of local children, who dream to become as famous athletes as she is.


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