The Buccaneer Resort is home to a few of the most beautiful beaches on St. Croix, including Mermaid Beach, Grotto Beach, and Whistle Beach. Each one of these beaches is great for different reasons. Although technically part of the Buccaneer Resort, they are all open to the public.

Mermaid Beach is the Resort’s main beach, and here you can expect to find a variety of sports being played like volleyball, basketball, ping pong, and more along the pristine white sands. Water activities are also available, such as snorkeling and kayaking. The Mermaid Restaurant and Bar will be particularly appetizing after a long afternoon of basking in the Caribbean sun.

At Grotto Beach, you’ll find excellent swimming and snorkeling conditions in the calm turquoise waters. There’s also a grill here for when you start to get hungry. There’s a small shack for renting kayaking and snorkeling equipment if you’re so inclined. Keep an eye out for iguanas, which sometimes come onto the rocks of the beach.

Lastly is Whistle Beach, which is best for its secluded location. This is the most undeveloped of the three beaches, ideal for when you want to get away from it all and experience nature. It’s usually the least crowded of the three beaches, making it an excellent spot for relaxing under the palm trees with a good book.


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