The Callwood Distillery, located in the British Virgin Islands, forms part of the islands’ rich history. For over 400 years, the Callwood Distillery is famous for the production of rum.

The BVI is known as the birthplace of rum and had over 26 distilleries at one point. However, at the moment, the Callwood Distillery is the only one in operation all through. It is not clear how long the distillery has been working. Richard Callwood was a buccaneer planter that also owned Thatch Island and bought the estate for his son Richard Callwood II. The Callwood family, have been running the distillery since the 18th century.

Should you happen to be in Tortola, make sure you make a stop at the distillery. By purchasing a bottle of rum, you get a tour of the historic grounds and get to take as many pictures as you want. You can also opt to pay a fee of $2 instead.

The distillery produces four kinds of rum: Arundel Cane rum, Arundel White rum, Callwood Spiced and the Dark rum commonly referred to as the “Panty Remover”.


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