Whether you are betting on a plane to the Virgin Islands for a holiday or a wedding or getting on a Caribbean Cruise ship for a two week voyage, you might be wondering what it is you should pack to wear on your holiday. There are over 20 islands that make up the Caribbean and where you go might have some influence on what you should wear. This means that you should consider the choice of accommodation, your fellow vacationers, the local population and the natural beauty of the surroundings. Caribbean vacation fashion is always centered around the sun, sand, sea and pleasure all year round. There are standards that you can follow to get a general idea of what you should pack For your holiday in the Virgin Islands.

Swimwear is essential

Getting started with the day can be as easy as throwing on a bikini and a colorful printed silk kaftan for breakfast. High-waisted swimsuits with structured tops and colorful Caribbean prints are the ultimate items to pack. Men’s swimwear does not have to be baggy and loud. Thankfully, there are some great designers like Etro and Valentino, who make slim fitting men’s swimwear in bright prints that are just perfect for frolicking in the water or lounging around the pool.

The importance of having proper shoes

It is hot in the Caribbean and sightseeing can be an all day affair so heels won’t work. Espadrilles are quite popular and comfortable. Keep things simple with a sun dress. Choose easy wear, light fabrics and make things interesting by choosing bright colors and prints. Comfort is important so, think light and airy. Zora of St. Thomas offers custom, classic footwear since 1962. Made in a wide array of colors and styles for men and women, Zora offers style, uniqueness and comfort to last for many years.

If you are on the big island of St. Croix and have neglected to pack some things you may take a post lunch trip the Sunshine Mall Shopping Center in Frederiksted to get popular branded merchandise or mid island Sunny Isles Shopping center. For something with a taste of local flair, try the small boutiques such as Susan Mango in Frederiksted. You can pick up some wonderful cotton tunics, sarongs, shawls, leather sandals, bags, and jewelry. Guys will find the shopping expedition easy on their feet if they wear loafers that look good with relaxed cotton or linen shirt and pants.

…. And into the night

Dinners tend to get long and luxurious on island holidays so whether you are having dinner with a large group or an intimate affair, you can switch up your light cotton with some jewelry and swop your beach flip-flops for one of those beaded leather sandals you picked up in the afternoon. Drape a scarf, shawl or a fancy Pashmina to elevate the look. Show off your nicely tanned legs in a nice summery mini-dress. Dinner can turn to drinks and you might even find yourself doing some bar hopping. You should be good to go well into the early hours of the morning.


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