Built in the 1830’s, the Copper Mine found in Virgin Gorda plays an important historical role in the British Virgin Islands.

Cornish labourers built the mine and worked there till 1862 when the mine had to be closed as a result of low market prices. From the top of the mine hill, you are able to see the remains of the laborers’ houses as well.

The copper mine was converted into a BVI National Park in 2003. A short drive from the Spanish town should be able to get there. You can easily see the copper lodes and the stones on the path are hue showing their rich mineral composition. Some of the ruins still on site include the chimney house and the engine house.

If visiting the ruins, be sure to wear comfortable shoes as the walk can be a little gruesome. The view from the Copper Mine is quite amazing and you can be sure you will get some spectacular photos.


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