Many visitors may refer to the The Baths at Virgin Gorda as one of the British Virgin Islands top beaches. However, this does not do justice to the natural beauty and significance of this site. The Baths are actually an important BVI national park. The geology of the site is unlike a typical tropical beach. It is more like a resort spa carved from the natural granite. After a short climb up a ladder, visitors find small, clear perfectly-formed pool with a smooth, weathered floor.

Understandably, many tourists choose to stay in the pool – changing in the onshore bathroom before soaking in the water. Others will choose to venture further into Devil’s Bay, perhaps indulging in a little snorkeling. Tourists rarely get the pool to themselves at The Baths, but this is still a relaxing, affordable experience. At just $3 for a dip in a natural 40ft pool, this excursion is highly recommended when planning a trip to Virgin Gorda.


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