Vessup Bay is located on the East End of St. Thomas. It’s known for its beautiful white sand and turquoise waters, as well as being a popular destination for both beachgoers and yacht enthusiasts. At this beach, you’ll see million-dollar yachts sitting in the bay, which is surrounded by beautiful and verdant rolling hills.

The fact that the waters are enclosed by a bay ensures they’ll be calm and relaxing, making them perfect for swimming. Vessup Bay is a more “out of the way” beach – during the week, for instance, it’s usually sparsely populated. However, on weekends, you’ll see a lot of locals coming down here with their kids for picnics and barbecues. You’ll also notice some interesting plant life along the white shores, like cacti, sea grape trees, and century plants.

Like many of the beaches on St. Thomas, Vessup offers access to water sports such as windsurfing and is a good place for snorkeling. There are also plenty of eateries in close proximity to the beach, such as Cariga’s, for when your tummy starts to rumble.

Vessup Bay is rockier than some of the beaches on St. Thomas, though not more so than those on the West End like Stumpy Bay. Overall it’s a well-kept secret, and its close proximity to the town of Red Hook makes it a desirable location. Red Hook has plenty to do but isn’t as crowded as Charlotte Amalie.


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