As the third largest island in the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda has around eight square miles of land area as it’s 10 miles long by about 2 miles wide with around 1,400 permanent residents. Christopher Columbus must have thought that it resembled a robust woman reclining as he named it fat virgin.

A great majority of the vacationers go to the Caribbean for the beaches and on Virgin Gorda, arguably the best beach to be found is The Baths. Here you will find giant boulders that were once liquid deposits of magma and due to the erosion of the surrounding earth, are now stacked in ways to create chambers and caves providing endless entertainment for beach goers. Other beaches on the island are Devil’s Bay National Park, that is about a twenty-minute walk from The Baths and is pleasantly secluded. Spring Bay, like The Baths, has large boulders scattered about and The Crawl,  welcoming to families and children due to its peacefulness. Not far from Spring Bay is Trunk Bay, accessible by water or via a path from Spring Bay. Savannah Bay provides a sandy beach north of the yacht harbor and of course, not to be neglected is Mahoe Bay, a curving beach with beautiful blue water.

Virgin Gorda is mountainous on the Northern side, with Gorda Peak as the highest point, reaching 1,370 feet, enclosed by the Gorda Peak National Park. A lookout tower offers an excellent view of North Sound and Anegada as well as the other islands with their heads above the waves. Hikers may wish to consider excursions around the northern side of the island, to enjoy the views and semi-arid terrain.


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