Named after an old Japan Province, Chikuzen is one of the most amazing sites for diving in the British Virgin Islands.

St. Marteen, the vessel from Japan, was hit by a hurricane causing it to wreck at the site in 1981. It has since then become the home to some of the exotic marine life found in the BVI Sea. A dive to the wreckage will certainly be a great experience as you get to see the various species of fish and other underwater creatures.

Because the Wreck of Chikuzen is located in the open waters, diving is only done in calm sea conditions. The wreckage lies 75 feet below the water and as such, only expert divers can get to have the amazing experience. The vessel is unstable and you may not have the chance to explore the inside. However, the wreck is quite big and you will have to take more than one dive to explore it fully.


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