The “Crucian Contessa” is a culinary diary of Tanisha Bailey-Roka that combines a collection of foods, images recipes inspired by the Island culture. Bailey utilizes premium ingredients to create unforgettable recipes that mark special moments. By relying on local ingredients, she creates incredible food masterpieces. Although the island serves as a significant influence on the types of food on the blog, there are no limits. Having incredible creativity about food and its creative process, she incorporates other diverse recipes on the blog. Sidenote: Although the website has not been updated in a few months, the recipes included in her blog are timeless!

The blog hosts various recipes ranging from the sweet things, elixirs to the savories. The sweet things section combines recipes such as the Contessa Banana Fritters, Contessa Pumpkin Rum Flan, Contessa Banana Beignets, and the Contessa Honey Coconut French that will knock off your taste buds. Under the savories collection, it combines recipes such as the beef pates, carambola salad, Contessa shrimp and avocado salad in addition to the famous contessa guacamole.

The Beef Pate is a Contessa favorite that combines flavorful spiced beef that is wrapped within a flaky and tender pastry. Tring this recipe will leave your taste buds thanking you. To help you get started, here are its ingredients

Filling Ingredients

● 1 diced yellow onion

● 1 pound of lean ground meat

● 5 garlic cloves

● red pepper bell

● 1 teaspoon of thyme

● 2-3 tomato tablespoons

● 2 Cilantro tablespoons or stalks of Culantro

● Salt and pepper

● Hot peppers (optional)

● 2- 3 seasoning peppers

● Olive oil

Dough Ingredients

● 2 teaspoons of sugar

● 1 teaspoon of salt

● 2 cups of all-purpose flour

● a cup of cold shortening

● 1 egg and a tablespoon of water

● Oil

● 1 teaspoon of baking powder

● a cup of cold water


1. In a skillet add olive oil to cover the base of the pan

2. Once the oil is hot, add garlic, diced onion, seasoning peppers, green bell peppers, thyme, and garlic.

3. Cool until the green peppers and onions are translucent

4. Add the ground beef to cook completely

5. Sprinkle the cilantro over your mixture and add the tomato paste

6. Add pepper and salt to taste

7. If you enjoy a spicy filling, you can incorporate the hot peppers

Dough Directions

1. Place all the dry ingredients in the food processor and run it for a few seconds- salt, sugar, baking powder

2. Add the pulse and cold shortening ten times to break the fat evenly into the flour mix

3. Stream cold water into the mix while the machine is running

4. Remove the dough and knead it for a minute to bring everything together

5. Create a flat disk and rest it for one hour

6. Roll the dough as thin as possible

7. Using a small bowl cut the dough at about 5 inches to make circles

8. Add your cooked meat mix to the center of the pate leaving an inch for sealing

9. Seal the mix mixture using a fork for the edges

10. Place oil in your fryer and deep fry the beef pate

11. Let them fry until they are golden brown and puffy

For more mouth watering island delicacies, visit The “Crucian Contessa’s” website!



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